Handling Demolitions With The Greatest Skill

Demolitions are an important part of construction work, and sometimes they are a total necessity. In case of natural disasters or things like fires, buildings of different types and sizes need to be brought down because they are no longer safe. This mainly occurs when great structural damage renders such a building a hazard in itself.

In other cases, we may want to set up new structures, but we need to get rid of the old ones to get on with new projects for newer buildings or safety reasons.

Demolition involves dismantling buildings in a controlled way. It is not just about swing wrecking balls and other heavy equipment. It has to be planned as well. Demolitions need to be handled professionally and should be done by experts. The experts are capable of handling demolitions in different weather conditions. They can also handle all sorts of debris, materials, and all other aspects involved in the process.

Pre Demolition

Before any vancouver demolition, there are different factors that the experts need to handle. The demolition process has to be customized for every project because each has its own set of requirements. These includes:

Building survey: the experts must survey the building critically and study the characteristics like the method of construction, building usage, materials, draining conditions, communities, building codes, and traffic conditions. These are the parameters that help them pick the best demolition method to apply.

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Dealing with hazardous materials: the contractors need to bring personnel to the building to handle any dangerous materials present in that building. This may include petroleum contamination, flammable materials, radioactive materials, and asbestos minerals. This needs to be done before the building can be demolished.

The plan: experts have to sit down and come up with a clear plan that illustrates the things involved during the demolition. They need to decide on the appropriate equipment and the debris that will need cleaning.

Safety: before any demolition, safety measures need to be clear. The engineers, operators, supervisors, and site workers have to be told about all the possible hazards present at the site. This includes exposure to dust and noise and flammable materials, if any. All the required permits need to be secured before any work can commence.

Methods of Demolition

Picking a demolition method is one of the most important things that needs to be done. This should be done within a set budget. It is not a must for every demolition to have explosions. There are many methods that contractors can apply. There may not be explosive methods and devastating blasts. It could also involve selective demolition, bulldozers, wrecking balls, excavators, and implosions.

Implosions are rather an impressive way of demolishing buildings. However, the method is very specialized, but there is still more to be done after an implosion. In this case, explosives are used on the main supports knocking them out and the casing collapsing inside out.

An implosion is possible where there is space. If the space does not allow it, explosives are placed on the lower supports of the building and midsections. The explosives are then fitted to left columns allowing the building to fall on one side using cables. This causes the building to fall.

The best contractors can offer guidance on the best method to use, and it takes great expertise to handle Vancouver demolitions safely and successfully.


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