Leveling An Existing Yard – Here is How To Do It Quickly

Many people think that leveling the yard is a challenging job, but they often get caught putting off the job or calling in experts and spending a large quantity of dollars. Actually, it is not that difficult to level an existing yard. Is not a difficult task. Cutting Edge Property Maintenance is the place to call for grading and Leveling Downriver MI, they have been grading yards for over 15 years and have a long record of satisfied customers to show for it. The team of grading professionals may come to your home at a time that is convenient for you to do a free yard analysis and inspection, after which they will offer their best recommendations.

A yard is typically an area of land which is connected to a structure. The yard can have a variety of uses such as at times, it can be employed as an entrance porch, or occasionally, animals such as horses are allowed to roam around the yard. The majority of yards are grass and are located outside of the structure. Some, like the courtyards are situated inside the structure.


How To Level The Yard

  • Turf Removing

The first step to be taken during the process of leveling your yard’s surface is get rid of the turf that is already there. The turf that was there before is likely to be overgrown with unwelcome plants and weeds when your yard has been neglected for a lengthy period of time. The best method of getting rid of these plants is to take them out each one at a time. This can be lengthy and takes patience.

However, unwelcome and brand new alien plants will not be able to grow in your yard when the grass is established. There are also alternative methods such as solarization of the soil or using herbicides. These methods although effective but not recommended. Once you have completed the task of pulling out the weeds, put them together in one corner of your yard.

  • Downward Slope

In levelling the existing yard, it is important be aware that the yard needs to slide away from the home. Therefore, it is suggested that the yard have an average of 3 to 2 inches downward slope at least every 10 feet. Therefore, the yard will not be in any danger with unevenness or water accumulation in the time of rain. The gentle gradient of water allows an efficient flow of water away from the yard and, consequently, does not disturb the soil over it.


When leveling your yard be sure to not use any soil that is new since it causes uniform development of the grass. The most effective method is to employ simple tools and scrape or move the soil in the higher regions and lower it to lower regions. A big shovel or wide spade or a broad shovel is also a good option.

  • Filling In Gaps And Depressions

There is also the possibility that there will be unexpected depressions or gaps in the yard. To fill them, you need to make the depression or gap space into one ditch, then fill it with coarse gravel, rocks and finally more fine soil. After that, level the area that has been filled with soil so that its top surface is perfectly with the rest of the area.

You will need to utilize an Inclinometer and then level the entire area, a lot of times, until it is uniform and integrates with the rest of the yard.

  • Final Finish Of The Leveling

When you are done, clearing the yard you will need to apply the final touches to the surface of your yard. In this scenario you could use the snow shovel, spades, and rakes. Although a rake may be testing your patience, it helps make the slope as level as it is possible. The leveling process itself is very uniform. It is also possible to add a small amounts of organically rich soil when you are doing your final levels.

It is necessary to constantly use the Inclinometer to adjust the elevation. Be sure to ensure that the leveling is guaranteed because once you’ve planted and put in the turf you can’t re-do the area and you’ll have to tear the turf up once more. So take the time to be patient and continue adding final touches until you are happy before you lay the turf. A few people even bring the road-roller for a few days to ensure the yard is completed properly.


  • Planting The Turf

There are three methods of installing the turf.

  • The first is to manually plant small turf saplings of the grass or regenerate the lawn. This is a lengthy process and requires a skilled hand.
  • Second, you could use your old turf as long as it is well-maintained.
  • The third method is to establish the lawn using a “lawn carpet”. What exactly do you mean by a grass carpet? The lawn carpet can be described as simply a piece of grass that is laid out as carpet in your backyard.

It is affordable and is able to be laid to cover the entire yard. However, it is crucial to lay the carpet in a uniform and even manner so you don’t face problems with uneven terrain later. A lawn carpet can be called a sod-covered carpet. Next, the last step is to spread some natural, organic grass fertilizer that is organic and natural. This is why it is recommended to apply fertilizer in the smallest possible layer. Do not put the fertilizer in one area, since it can disturb the slope of the land.

It is also essential to maintain the lawn mower regularly and in a regular method. The best method to level your yard is to allow the lawn the time to grow, and to use appropriate lawn maintenance measures.


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