Motorized Window Shutters 

In terms of shutter windows’ practicality – nothing comes easier than electric or motorized ones!

These cutting-edge shutters run on electric motors such as linear actuators, which drive their electric motions. The actuator devices are increasingly used in home automation appliances and furniture sets alike!

Electric window shutters retain all advantages owned by classical or manual roller alternatives. But they improve functionality significantly through automation. Here, we discuss what they are, how they work and the advantages they bring.

What are Motorized Window Shutters

Motorized window shutters are a convenient and modern solution for controlling the amount of natural light and privacy in a space. These shutters are equipped with a motor that allows for easy opening and closing with just the push of a button or the use of a remote control. This eliminates the need for manual operation, making it especially beneficial for high windows or hard-to-reach areas. 

Motorized window shutters enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, adding sophistication and luxury. They can also be integrated with smart home systems, allowing for automated scheduling and remote control options. Overall, motorized window shutters provide convenience, versatility, and style for homeowners or businesses looking to enhance their window treatments.

How Do Automatic Window Shutters Work?

As mentioned earlier, automatic window shutters operate with built-in motors. One example being linear actuators. This motor pivots the wings of the folding shutters around a vertical axis of rotation in front of the window. 

All the components that make the shutter work automatically are built into a compact space. These are usually at the top where the shutters roll out from. 

Depending on the window size, individual sashes or several interconnected individual sashes are used. The motor and the shutter are controlled conveniently via a transmitter installed on the wall. Motorized folding shutters can also be controlled using a remote control or a smart home system through a smartphone or compatible central hub.

Motorized Window Shutters Advantages

1. Convenience

Motorized window shutters offer convenience and ease of use. They can be controlled through a smartphone app or a voice command. Alternatively, you can simply use the switch on the wall to operate them. No manual rolling or winding is required, saving you time and effort.

2. Protection from sun and weather

The folding shutter provides protection from the sun, heat, and weather. They can also contribute to energy efficiency by regulating sunlight and insulation. For instance, by automatically programming the shutters to open and let in air or warmth for sunlight, you can save a lot on energy bills for your HVAC equipment.

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3. Burglary Protection

Motorized window shutters are ideal for detached houses and ground floor apartments. They have built-in automation that allows for locking, providing excellent protection against burglary.

4. Noise Reduction 

One of the significant advantages of motorized shutters is their ability to reduce noise. Motorized shutters are equipped with advanced technology that allows them to create a barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment, effectively blocking out unwanted noise. 

This is particularly beneficial for homes or businesses located in noisy areas, such as near busy streets or construction sites. By reducing the amount of noise that enters a space, motorized shutters create a more peaceful and tranquil environment, making it easier to focus, relax, or carry out activities without distraction.

5. Smart Automation

Finally, motorized shutters can be integrated perfectly into a home automation system. With your smartphone, controlling all the motorized shutters via a common interface becomes easy. 

Overall, motorized shutters offer a modern and convenient solution that can significantly improve your space’s functionality, cost of home expenses, and comfort. They also add value to the valuation of a property due to the aesthetics and functionality they add to the home.  


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