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The Difference Between Steel Structure Platform And Steel Structure Mezzanine

Steel structure mezzanine, also known as steel structure partition and steel structure loft, is a secondary structure production and installation. In actual buildings, some buildings have high floor heights and cannot be effectively utilized, resulting in a waste of space. Steel structure mezzanines can be set up to increase the use area and improve space utilization. It is usually used in residential LOFT apartments, office buildings, factories, venues and other buildings where the floor height is too high.

Of course, there are different ways to add steel structure mezzanines for different building types. There are mainly the following ways:

Steel structure With Cement Pressure Plate Composite Floor:

It has low cost, light weight and short construction period. It is suitable for mezzanine renovation of residential buildings, office buildings and industrial projects. However, the sound insulation effect is not good and it is not suitable for larger floor loads or vibration loads.

Steel Structure With Concrete Composite Floor:

This solution has the characteristics of high safety performance, large load capacity, no vibration, good sound insulation effect, etc., and the construction period is slightly longer. It is suitable for buildings with different spans, such as homes, office buildings or large-span factories, as well as floors with heavy loads and vibration loads.

Steel Structure With Lightweight Floor-Bearing Composite Floor:

This kind of structure is safe and environmentally friendly, which has light weight, high strength, is durable and does not deform. It is fast to construct, and has a short construction period. It can also be installed at the same height as the upper flange of the steel beam to maximize the use of effective space. Suitable for office buildings, villas, homes, etc.

Steel Structure With Steel Plate Composite Floor:

This structural combination scheme is suitable for industrial plants, workshops, equipment rooms and other buildings. It has good load-bearing effect, fast construction, and can bear equipment with larger loads.

The steel structure platform is different from the steel structure mezzanine. It is an independent system that can be used indoors or outdoors. The steel structure platform is a fully assembled structure, which is composed of decking, primary and secondary beams, columns, inter-column supports, as well as ladders, railings, etc. The design is flexible and can be designed into two or multi floors according to actual site requirements to fully utilize the space.

The Main Uses Of steel structure platforms are as Follows:

  1. Office platform: Adding an office area in a workshop or larger factory building. Mainly consider the use of office personnel and office equipment.
  2. Production workshop steel platform: mainly to increase the factory production workshop area and expand the production area. The design must fully consider the number of personnel, mechanical weight, production materials and other loads. The load-bearing capacity must be good and the cost is relatively high.
  3. Equipment platform: Generally used to store heavy equipment, mainly considering the weight of the equipment and the weight of maintenance personnel and maintenance tools. The design is relatively simple.
  4. Steel platform for warehousing materials: It is also the most commonly used steel platform and is mainly used for storing and logistics of goods. The main consideration is the weight of the goods being stored. It can be designed into two or more layers according to the needs of the goods, similar to the function of a shelf.
  5. Stage steel platform: A stage steel platform that can be used indoors or outdoors, mainly used for performance stages. Mainly consider the weight of commonly used stage equipment and the load-bearing capacity of the number of actors.

There is still a big difference between steel structure mezzanine and steel structure platform. Although both are designed to increase space utilization and increase the use area, the construction method, design method, cost and use functions are still very different. Choose the most appropriate method according to different needs. The design requirements and construction difficulty of the steel structure mezzanine are higher than those of the steel structure platform, and the cost will be relatively higher. The usable area of the steel structure mezzanine will be larger but the steel structure platform is more flexible.

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