Why Choose a Surveillance Security Camera?

In security systems, the most important element to detect any danger or get a trace of any harm security cameras are used. Surveillance security cameras are the enhanced form of them which helps us deal in emergency situations.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable and helpful team will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us know what’s going on, no matter what time it is, and we’ll be there in a flash.

Professional & Reliable

We are proud to be the most dependable IP Surveillance and security services provider in the business. We’ve worked with a variety of clientele throughout the area, and our most valuable asset is our dependability.


Our first goal is the safety of our customers! To sustain long-term and fruitful relationships, we make sure that we supply our clients with cost-effective surveillance updates.

Large Product Selection

We provide security solutions to customers, but there is a vast selection of security options from which to choose. Choose the best option for your industry or requirements.

High-tech equipment

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Our superior high-tech technologies and equipment set us apart from our competition. We envisage the best for you and the safety of your family. Surveillance Security Systems has a vast staff of skilled and courteous employees that are experts in their respective fields. We make certain that our members never let you down.

  • Upgrade the Security System

Talk to us if your present system isn’t giving the services you need. We can upgrade hard drives, add and improve cameras, and make your system remote and phone viewable.

  • Upgrade your hard disc as part of your cctv repair
  • Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Small drives must be upgraded and old hard drives must be replaced. Get the space you require. As part of your CCTV repair, you can see remotely.

  • Upgrades to Cameras

To acquire a comprehensive high-definition system, choose from hybrid IP and analogue, high-definition analogue.

High- Quality Security Cameras

High-definition, analogue to get analogue We have a variety of cameras at Brisbane Security Alarm Systems to suit your needs. Analog and digital options are available. We exclusively utilize high-definition cameras with a maximum resolution of 4K.

  • Cameras with a high resolution
  • Cameras that are analogue
  • IP (internet protocol) cameras
  • Resolutions range from 720p to 4K.
  • Seeing in the dark
  • Security both indoors and out
  • detection of movement
  • Weeks or months of footage shot on a full-fledged high-definition system.


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