Garage Cooling Tips in the Summer

An attached garage is a key convenience for many homeowners. But in the summer, if it’s not properly insulated and ventilated, an attached garage can become unbearably hot. That’s because the sun heats the roof, which then transfers the heat to the air in the attic, which finally moves down into the garage.

If you are looking for an easy way to cool down your garage and lower the temperature, a good place to start is by sealing any leaks. Insulating your door with weatherstripping can help stop hot air from coming inside.

One of the biggest problems when it comes to your garage is keeping it cool. Since garages are not typically insulated and do not have a cooling system, it can be difficult to keep them cool. This is especially true during the summer months. If your garage door has grown old and isn’t performing well, going with a garage door replacement Hampton VA always a good option.

Tips for Keeping Your Garage Cool During Summer | Midwest Garage Doors

However, there are steps you can take to help keep your garage cool in the summertime. Here are five useful tips for keeping your garage cool even in the hottest days of summer:

  • Cover windows and doors with curtains to block some of the direct sunlight. This helps reduce radiant heat transferred from the sun into your garage.
  • Close off any vents or openings that allow unconditioned air from outside to enter your garage. Likewise, close off any vents or openings that allow unconditioned air from inside your garage to enter your home.
  • Open vents and windows on either side of your garage door to create cross-ventilation through your garage. Make sure that you’ve closed off any vents or openings between your house and garage first so you don’t just end up moving hot air through both spaces.
  • Install ceiling fans in your garage to pull hot air up and out of an attic space above it. If you have windows in your garage, you can also use reflective film that will block heat from entering.


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