The Best Bed Bug Heat Treatment in the Area

Ohio happens to be one of the most bed-bug infested places in America. In fact, according to Cleveland’s 19 News 6 Ohio cities, with the city of Columbus being on the lead, have been identified to have the most prevalent bed bug problem. For this reason, many pest management companies continue to be busy providing bed bug removal services. Indeed, service calls for bed bug treatments are no longer unusual in the state.

Chemical treatment and bed bug heat treatment are the most common methods applied by pest control professionals to effectively eliminate bed bugs from Ohio households. However, most pest control companies in the area prefer bed bug heat treatment because it’s chemical-free and more convenient as treating bed bugs can only be accomplished in just one day!

Bed Bug Removal in Ohio

When it comes to effective bed bug removal in Ohio, bed bug heat treatment or heat remediation is the people’s number one choice. It is proven to be one of the most effective bed bug treatment options in the state of Ohio. Applying heat treatment entails using specialized RX12 heaters, wireless thermal monitors, remote thermometers, and air movers. Once set up is ready, the service technician will start raising the room temperature and maintaining it within 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermometers and sensors mounted throughout the treatment room help ascertain that these desired temperatures are achieved in order to kill the bugs, including their larvae and eggs.

Four to 10 hours is all it takes to eradicate those annoying nuisances using bed bug heat treatment. Through the air movers and high endurance fans, the heat is evenly distributed inside the room, allowing it to infiltrate through challenging cracks, voids, and other bed bug lairs. Deep and thorough penetration of hard to reach bed bug zones is something that only heat remediation can do. This is mainly the reason pest control experts favor heat treatment over other treatment options with emphasis that the procedure can be finished in just one session in one day without applying any chemicals.

Efficacy of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Before carrying out the heat treatment process, homeowners and the pest control experts must first discuss the contents of the treatment plan. The pest control company should instruct homeowners what to do prior to the treatment such as taking away their pet animals and other valuable belongings in the room that could be damaged by heat, leaving all household objects as they are, thoroughly cleaning the house, removing all sorts of clutter, getting rid of trash, and vacuum cleaning.

Heat remediation has 95-100% effectivity rate. To make sure that not a single bug survives and to prevent re-infestation, application of residual pesticides after completing the bed bug heat treatment is strongly advised.

Advantages of Heat Remediation

Since chemical is not used, there is no for people in the household to evacuate the room. Unlike in chemical treatment, people can still enter or walk around the treatment zone during the bed bug heat treatment process. In other words, it is safe and not harmful to people’s health and to other organisms in the environment.

Bed bug heat treatment is rather inexpensive considering that it only requires one session or visitation from service providers as compared to chemical treatment which has to be performed two or three times to ensure total bug removal.

Moreover, it does not demand too much time and manpower. If the area being treated is an office or building, the employees will be spared from the trouble of leaving the building every now and then during the treatment process.

Lastly, heat treatment is a discreet method that does not catch your neighbors’ attention. If you are worried about what other people might say about you having bed bugs at home, heat treatment is you most viable option. Plus, in Columbus, for instance, pest control agents are considerate enough not to make it too obvious by wearing promotional outfit so you won’t have to be embarrassed.

In Ohio, bed bug exterminators provide you with professional and effective bed bug removal services. They prioritize 100 percent bed bug elimination without necessarily resorting to chemical sprays or insecticides. They believe that bed bug heat treatment is the long term solution to a bed bug problem.



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